FDA Darvocet Update

To All:

I haven’t forgotten you, I have been focusing on the status of the Darvocet lawsuits mulitple plaintiff’s have filed claiming cardiotoxicity. I spoke to the individual overseeing the evalution of the petition to get the status. As most of you know we are coming up on the deadline for FDA to respond. I’ve been told we will receive some type of response within the deadline. This could be agreeing to revoke the recall, disagreeing or requesting additional time. Hardly helpful, but at least there is an indication we will hear any day. As soon as I know I will post the decision on this blog .

Keep in mind that I am hopeful but wouldn’t be surprised if it was denied. It was always my expectation that I would have to file suit in federal court. Filing the petition was required before I could bring a federal action. In the event an action is filed I believe there is a good possibilty of prevailing-no guarantees. have faith.

Finally, there are manufacturers willing to produce Darvocet, but are concerned about liability.



4 Comments on “FDA Darvocet Update”

  1. Eunice Craig says:

    I appreciate what you are trying to do for us, Barbara. After writing all of the FDA names you gave us and hearing from one (he was asked by Sec. Sebelius to respond), I know how they speak out of both sides of their mouth. I also wrote my congressmen and heard from one who said he appreciated my email. We must keep on fighting, though, as those of us that need this medication know that nothing else works. I am taking about 10 (many are vitamans) pills a day instead of 2 or 3 darvocets and still hurting. Thank you again and I would like to hear thoughts from others. Eunice C. Craig, Starkville, MS


  2. suzanne reeder says:

    This has been one of my worst years to be alive–i should be dead by now with all my pain—–sense they have taken darvocet away -have tried one drug after another, even knowing i could,t take them in the first place. One drug put me in the er and they said if i had come in any later i would of been dead. Removing darvocet has cost our government on me alone near $20.000 —look at the rest of you—can’t stay out of the dr. office or er————–my life has become laying in bed, crying–just turned 65 in april 2011————–what a rotten way to go. I can not take any other pain med but Darvocet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!—SO the FDA is GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. suzanne reeder says:

    my comment is on going——–my poor dogs don’t get walked anymore–don’t want my kids to see me, i’m so pathic–have cronic back pain–with sleep meds, can’t sleep. Some of the stories you read of people having a bad reaction to Darvocet–is the opposite to us who can not take anything but Darvocet—there dead and we are the living DEAD.—You know what will happen to millions of us(sucide) you just can’t live day after day in pain, and it only gets worst not better. The FDA needs more time–they had 50 years–how is it allowed to just yank our pain meds. away—WHO ARE THESE FUCKEN BASTERS—we find out where there at and knock there door in and a face to face blow out. if they have guns-the better shoot us and get us out of our missery

  4. I see many of my thoughts are already here by others. My old doctor has retired and so have new doctor, but did mention my desire to have darvocet returned to market to him. His response was that he felt the FDA has often made such mistakes.

    This is taking so long to get darvocet back, has changed my whole way of life. My muscle tone has all but vanished, weaknesses have developed and without some level of exercise my heart is starting to have pain as well. I have tried other pain medications, even ones that I knew had caused allergic reactions in past, a waste of time, and some nearly ended my life. With health decline I have even missed numerous health appointments as never know from day to day what condition I will be in the next day.

    As to the FDA allowing compassion use of Darvocet, have heard spoken of issues that would confront manufacturers, but also have concerns for the doctors that would have to write such prescriptions. In my instance I have a new doctor, how can I ask him to write such a prescription and place his reputation on the line after my heart has been effected negatively by lack of excercise, after all, the reason Darvocet was removed was due to potential heart issues. How would it look if I died atfter just restarting Darvocet, would be hard to prove that my new heart condition was actually due to removal of darvocet in the first place, although even the FDA has said that darvocet adverse effects would be reversed when discontinued.Catch 22.

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