Head up Letter writing for your state.

Too All:

         We have potential representatives from about 17 states. It would be helpful to know what state your are from and also whether you would be willing to head up a letter campaign to Dr. Sebelius at HH&S.  Letters similar to whats on the blog “The darvocet cause.” We need to pursue this more agressively.

       I have contacted the NY Times and will call them the end of this week , hopefully to convince them there is a story here. I will also contact the WSJ again. Whoever has media contacts go for it!

      Also anyone who want sto be added to the email list for updates on the Darvocet issue send me an email at: info@barbaramawlaw.com  or Barbara@barbaramawlaw.com .

         Thanks for your help,



One Comment on “Head up Letter writing for your state.”

  1. suzanne reeder says:

    hi barbara–do you have any recent news on darvocet you can share with us at this time—oct/8/2011 thanks

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