FDA Darvocet Update

To All:

I haven’t forgotten you, I have been focusing on the status of the Darvocet lawsuits mulitple plaintiff’s have filed claiming cardiotoxicity. I spoke to the individual overseeing the evalution of the petition to get the status. As most of you know we are coming up on the deadline for FDA to respond. I’ve been told we will receive some type of response within the deadline. This could be agreeing to revoke the recall, disagreeing or requesting additional time. Hardly helpful, but at least there is an indication we will hear any day. As soon as I know I will post the decision on this blog .

Keep in mind that I am hopeful but wouldn’t be surprised if it was denied. It was always my expectation that I would have to file suit in federal court. Filing the petition was required before I could bring a federal action. In the event an action is filed I believe there is a good possibilty of prevailing-no guarantees. have faith.

Finally, there are manufacturers willing to produce Darvocet, but are concerned about liability.